It’s all about IT Governance

After working for some years in IT business now I can see that there have been lots of changes since the early days of IT. At first it was only about computers and how they could assist individuals in performing their works. But today it’s quite different it’s not about computers any more it’s about having IT as a very important organization in small, medium or large businesses in order to support business for reaching its business objectives and goals.

With having all new and cutting edge technologies and tools -in Applications or Infrastructure fields- in hand, there must be certain rules, standards and methodologies to control how these tools  can be used and interact with IT human resources and customers  and also how an IT organization should be governed in order to be able to respond to business demands and requirements.

One of the roles of IT Governance is to always control if IT organization objectives is aligned with business demand and needs and control how it should grow with business.

It is worth to say that there is lot to talk about IT Governance and its roles and also there are various frameworks that an organization can apply for IT business. Frameworks like ITIL, TOGAF, COBIT, etc. ISO also have introduced different standards related to this concept (ISO 27001, 38500).  If your expertise is IT and you wish take another step and you’re done with all of those technical stuffs IT Governance can lead you to some very interesting concepts and can open up new horizons to your eyes.

For more details on this you can google “IT Governance” or follow below link on Wikipedia:

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